Igloo of the Month Results: December!

Hey penguins, the igloo of the month is always the most difficult decision for me but since it’s Christmas time, I was looking for a cool and fresh Christmas igloo. And I found just that! The winner of the Igloo of the Month for December is Milky678!!! He had a fun, new and fresh idea for a Christmas igloo, congrats to him. He will have the chance to win igloo of the year for 2011! If you would like him to win let me know through a comment or on twitter @frosty3813. Here is a picture of Milky678’s igloo.



Penguin of the Month for December: Results

Hey penguins, this was a very hard decision to make but one penguin stood out more than any other penguin to me. That penguin is PENMAN47! He also had a very nice igloo but not good enough to win the competition. He is also a very nice penguin and will have the chance to win the nicest penguin of the year award! Great job Penman47 for being the Penguin of the Month for December! Good luck to our penguins who will battle for the January award.

Here is a picture of his playercard.

Nice job Penman!


CP Hall of Fame!

Hey penguins! I am still working on the site! Please comment if you would like to participate!!!